Piped underfloor heating works by running hot water through pipes embedded within a floor screed. Therefore, people most commonly use it in extensions and new builds. However, there are other types available that suit wooden floors and floating floors.

Whilst it is the most expensive and invasive install, it provides the lowest long-term running costs. You can even use it in place of traditional room radiators, thus freeing up valuable wall space. Furthermore, this will eliminate the cold draughts and warm spots common with radiators.

Piped (hydronic) underfloor heating uses hot water, so it can be linked to virtually any heating system. Not only standard boilers, but also more sustainable solutions.

We can supply quality underfloor heating from Warmup and Polypipe at competitive prices. For example, the Warmup system has a lifetime guarantee, giving peace of mind that it’s made to last.

And for trade customers we can work out quantities required off plans. We will also provide you with a competitive quote for all the materials you need. Contact our Trade Counter for more information and to discuss your project with our advisers.

key benefits of underfloor heating

The Warmup 5ie Wireless Smart thermostat is designed for piped underfloor heating systems. You can place it anywhere in the home thanks to its built-in stand, and it communicates wirelessly with your boiler. In addition, you can control your heating remotely using Warmup’s MyHeating app. It will intuitively learn when you’re due home, so you’ll never return to a cold house again.

Warmup 5ie central heating thermostat
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