Our Natural Stone Tiles are selected for their unique natural beauty and are perfect for those wanting to create an exclusive, personal look. All Natural Stone is sourced and quarried in line with a clear set of ethical values.

The Natural Stone Collection incorporates Limestone, Travertine, Slate, Marble and Sandstone.

Marble Tiles

Marble has always been associated with wealth and power, and even today, can be found adorning the walls and floors of the rich and famous.  It just gives a feeling of opulence that can’t be …

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limestone natural stone tiles

Limestone Tiles

 Limestone, Travertine, Slate, Marble, Terracotta and Sandstone are all examples of Natural Stone. They all have their own unique natural beauty which creates an exclusive, personal look to your home. Natural stone floors, including Limestone …

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Sandstone Tiles

Sandstone is the product of the sedimentation of coarse sand. Over time, this was subjected to immense pressure from overlying materials and mineral deposition. Due to natural variation, there are many styles and shades of …

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Handmade terracotta Original Style

Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta is an un-glazed clay tile popular throughout Southern Europe, and is also a popular choice for the UK’s many country farmhouse style properties. Terracotta tiles are kiln fired at 1000 degrees, and have a …

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Slate Tiles

Slate is fine-grained with a layered structure which results from clay and shale deposition. Minerals present at the time of sedimentation often result in a myriad of subtle hues within the slate. Hints of colours …

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Travertine Natural Stone Tiles

Travertine natural stone is the result of precipitation as hot water rapidly cools on exit from the limestone through which it has passed, and minerals collected by the water are deposited and revealed as rich, …

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Stonearth Prestige plus bathroom furniture sandy bay

Stonearth Bathroom Furniture

Stonearth is made from 100% natural stone, wood and marble sourced from around the world. American Oak, Italian Travertine and Egyptian marble create a truly unique collection. In addition to the classic Oak and Walnut …

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