A beautiful new bathroom deserves the best of storage options. Therefore, we offer a wide range of quality mirror cabinets from the likes of HIB and Bathroom Origins

If you’ve not bought a mirror cabinet for some time, you’ll be surprised how much they’ve moved on. For instance, no more pull cords, yellowy halogen lighting, or laminate shelves. Instead, explore features such as backlighting that adds an ambient glow to the room, or heated mirror doors that don’t steam up. To add to this, sensors that turn on when you wave your hand over, or even speakers to play music from your phone. A mirror cabinet can be as sophisticated or as simple as you require!

illuminated mirror cabinets

An illuminated mirror cabinet can add a real wow factor. Also, it provides vital storage for products you need to keep close at hand. For this reason, we aim to offer a wide selection of styles to include an exciting range of features.

wall cupboards

Mirror units don’t need to have lights to make a statement. In fact cabinets are available in a range of finishes to match our bathroom furniture colours. Additionally, white, aluminium and stainless steel options are popular to suit any decor. Whats’s more, most have adjustable shelves, giving the perfect space to tidy away all those bits and pieces. So why not browse a selection of our styles below:

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