If you want wall panels that are a little bit more exclusive then take a look at the Ambiance Bain SMO system. The whole shower including the tray can be built from the same material. Combine these panels and tray with a fixed glass screen and minimalist shower controls, and the result looks stunning. These panels would also pair beautifully with modern gold or black brasswareLook no further than Ambiance Bain wall panels for the finest shower panelling on the market.

SMO™ – the same material for the whole shower

Ambiance Bain have designed and manufactured this versatile & hardwearing material for over 20 years. They cast a mixture of polyester and natural stone powders into a mould. This means they can produce matching shower trays, and even one-piece moulded basins and worktops.

They can even add pigment to the mould in any RAL colour to match your perfect colour scheme.


Ambiance Bain SMO wall panels
Ambiance Bain SMO wall panels & matching worktop


Ultra resistant gel coat and natural stone-effect riven surface

The finished surfaces are created by spraying a layer of gelcoat 1000 microns thick into a natural riven stone-effect design. Because of this, the finished product is 30 times more resistant to scratches or dents. It is also more waterproof than other manufacturers’ sanitary paint finishes. As a result of these unique processes, Ambiance Bain wall panels are simply in a class of their own.

High durability

An anti UV treatment gives high resistance to ageing and high colour stability. So consequently the products are very fade resistant 

Anti-slip surface

All SMO shower trays have a clever riven design. As a result of this these trays are naturally very slip resistant. 

High resistance to chemical products

Day to day cleaning becomes easy thanks to the high resistance to chemicals, including bleach, limescale remover and general cleaners. Therefore, cleaning is quick, simple and safe.

High resistance to scratches and dents

The material has very good impact resistance from everyday objects and abrasives. This means you are far less likely to damage the material during the rigours of daily life. Subsequently you and the family can use the shower daily without fear of damaging or scratching the tray or panels.


These wall panels and shower trays are 100% non-porous and mouId resistant. In addition, the wall panels and trays are moulded in one piece giving you no grout lines or joints requiring maintenance.

Acoustic quality

The material is solid with very low noise resonance. Therefore, sound does not transmit through the product as much as many alternatives. 

Fire resistance

Standard M2 (exceeding regulations NPF 92-501/3/4 & 5)

Ambiance Bain wall panels matt white with matching worktop & navy blue furniture

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