Shower Trays come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials. It’s usually preferable for trays to be lower with less of a step, or even let into the floor with no step, where possible.
Our low profile stock trays are only 40mm high, but trays as low as 25mm are available. Waste positions can vary between manufacturers, so we can usually find alternatives if you need a particular location. Some trays also have options for upstands if required.
For those seeking something a bit special, we offer slate effect shower trays with a rippled, non-slip surface.
If you’re looking for a coloured shower tray, or non-standard shapes and sizes, or even trays with matching wall panels we have you covered with products by Fiori and Ambiance Bain.

There are many shapes, sizes, and styles of shower tray available, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for here please give us a call to discuss your requirements

40mm Low Profile Shower Trays

Our most popular range of acrylic capped, stone resin shower trays combine the durability and warmth of an acrylic top surface with the rigidity and solid feel of stone resin. They are available in an impressive range of shapes and sizes to suit your chosen shower enclosure. They can also be installed using the appropriate leg and panel pack for even greater ease of fitting.

  • 40% lighter than a high wall stone resin tray.
  • A stylish tray which delivers high quality looks and functionality
  • The sleek Low Profile design is available in many special shapes and size
  • Suitable for most types of enclosure
  • Complies with BS EN 14527:2016
  • Use with our 90mm High Flow Waste
  • Made with WRAS approved Phthalate free materials
  • 25 Year Guarantee
  • Available with Anti-Slip Surface for an even safer showering experience.

Square Trays

Sizes range from 700x700mm and go all the way up to 1200x1200mm.

Square Tray

Rectangular Trays

Sizes range from 800x700mm going up to a massive 2000x900mm.

Rectangular Tray

Quadrant Trays

Quadrant shower trays to match your enclosure come the in sizes: 800x800mm, 900x900mm, and 1000x1000mm

Quadrant Shower Trays

Offset Quadrant Trays

Offset quadrant shower trays are handed to match your shower enclosure, and come in sizes ranging from 900x760mm going up to 1400x800mm

Offset Quadrant Shower Trays

Pentagon Trays

Pentagon trays are less common, and tend to measure 900x900mm.
1000x1000mm trays are also available

Pentagon Shower Trays

Bath Replacement Trays

 Measuring 1700 x 700mm and with the waste position at the far end, replacing a bath with a shower is made easy.

mx element bath replacement

25mm Ultra Low Profile Trays

Made in the UK from 100% natural resin, our range of ultra low 25mm profile shower trays are strong, durable and come with a lifetime guarantee. Available in square, rectangular, quadrant and offset quadrant, and in a wide range of sizes.

  • 100% natural stone resin
  • 25mm ultra low profile
  • Unique leg set available for easy installation
  • Durable and repairable gel coat finish
  • Easy clean 90mm vortex waste delivering up to 30 litres a minute
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • High flow waste – waste
  • Anti-slip tray available – conforms to BS7976-2  
  • Lifetime anti-slip guarantee
  • Easy clean surface
Kai Anti-Slip Shower Tray

Fiora and Ambiance Bain Shower Trays

Altima Shower Trays by Ambiance Bain are made from SMO, a mixture of natural stone and a binder covered with 1mm surface gel coat. Fiora make their shower trays from Silexpol, a high density material made of an agglomeration of silica, quartz and polymer. Both companies produce trays which are tough and durable, and have a wide range of colours and finishes available.
Matching wall cladding made from the same materials are also available to give a totally coordinated look, with Fioras’ Skin wall panels, and Ambiance Bains’ SMO system.

  • Highly resistant to scratches, dents and chemicals, you can trust Fiora and Ambiance Bain shower trays to stand the test of time.
  • Shower trays can be ordered in standard sizes, factory cut to specific dimensions or can even be cut to required size on site.
Ambiance Bain Altima Shower Tray
  • With a low height of only 30mm, both Fiora Silex and Ambiance Bain Altima shower trays can be fitted onto flooring joists and inset into the floor for a wetroom look.
Altima Shower Trays

 Ambiance Bain Altima shower tray with matching wall panels 

Slate and granite effect shower trays

Slate or Granite effect shower trays look stylish and modern, so tend to be ultra slim. This creates a Wet Room experience by having such a minimalistic look.
Here is just a small selection of what is currently available.
MX Black Slate Effect Shower Tray
MX Shower Tray Slate White
MX Minerals Slate Grey
MX Minerals Slate Grey
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